domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011

What the hell!!

Geez!!! I do suck at post-coitus etiquete. What to do? You just sit and wait for the guy to call? Do you take the iniative, particularly when said guy did not leave phone and seems to have no access to any social network on regular basis? How desperate it looks? Do I even care if I look desperate? AAAHHHH So much conditioning... I blame it all to an overdose of stupid rom-com movies that make you believe a lot of crap. If I'm not even in love why do I care so much? Oh well, The desperate e-mail is already in his inbox and maybe he will answer and if he does not I'll have my answer anyways and we can go back to how things were. And now I wonder... Should I publish this?

And after a few days I go ahead and publish it :)

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