lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Crazy stupid stupid love

So... I watched the movie, I kinda liked it and then at the end when I saw the womanizer "domesticated" out of the blue I just thought of all the poor women that would believe that could become Emma Stone character and get their Ryan Gosling... News flash!!! IT"S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
That and all that crap about soul mates just make me want to yell at the TV. Maybe I'm not in a good mood, maybe the fact that someone can declare in a movie that they met their soul mate when thet were 15 years old just make me wanna kill someone. Maybe the whole soul mate bussiness makes me want to puch someone's face. Maybe I can no longer watch romantic comedies. I can most likely believe that Middle Earth exist than that the couple of a romantic comedy will live happily ever after...
And yet... those two characters look so happy and inlove together...

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